Clearing Clogged Drains

Do you know what the best way is for clearing clogged drains? Using a plunger is the most effective and speediest way to solve this common household problem.

Using the Plunger

Using a drains plunger is relatively simple to do. Obviously you shouldn’t move the plunger up and down forcefully as this will be ineffective and could make the blockage worse. To ensure that the plunger works effectively, wholly cover the drain pipe with its bell-shaped head, and gently push it down once, and immediately come up, so that suction is created. The suction created with the upward movement will pull back the clog that is stuck in the drain of your tub, sink or toilet. overflow outlets are present in few sinks and tubs, so the outlets should be covered with a wet towel or sponger before using the plunger otherwise air can enter and reduce the impact of your actions.

Using Chemical Cleaners

You can also use chemical cleaners you can buy in the shops to unclog your drainage, these uses certain chemicals to open up the blockage in the drainage. These products should be used only when the plunger has failed to clean out your bathroom drainage. The chemicals must sit for a while as it eats away at the blockage, then you must run hot water down the drain pipe to flush it out. As a precaution you should wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty or corrosive chemicals on. Putting on eye cover will be a good idea if you intend to plunge again and prevent the splattering of left over chemicals into your eye. To avoid unwarranted issues from creeping up, follow the manufacturers instructions ardently.

Using a Pipe Wrench or Pliers

You can use a pipe wrench or pliers to unscrew the P-trap if you are unable to remove the clog with the plunger, this will give you access to the pipe. Now this is going to get messy so be prepared with a towel and bucket to clean up the mess. By covering the jaws of your wrench with electrical tape you will avoid damaging the chrome on your pipes and it will also allow you to get a better purchase of them. After you have removed the P-trap, clean it thoroughly to eradicate any solid material that may be blocking the pipe opening. Unfortunately if you can’t find anything, the problem probably runs a lot deeper and could be anywhere between the trap and the soil stack.

Using a Toilet Auger or Drainage Snake

If you are trying to unclog your toilet you can use a toilet auger. If you are attempting to clean the drain of your tub or sink, you should use a drain pipe snake. Drainage snakes are designed to reach deep down into the far reaches of your narrow pipes. Once you have pushed deep enough, rotate the handle to screw and hook into the blockage and slowly draw it out, this should pull the blockage with it. When you are sure that all the clogging material is cleared, replace the P-trap and test the drain with hot water. Make sure that all the connections are properly fitted and sealed, and also check the P-trap for leakages.


If none of the steps you have taken work, it is time to bring in a professional plumber. If the clog is stuck in the soil stack or the sewer service pipe has cracked either due to age or because of natural causes, then you can do nothing much expect for relying on the professional drainage company to solve your problem.

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