Do I Need a Special Contractor’s License to do Drain Cleaning?


Do I need a special Contractor’s License to use a professional snake in someone’s home?

5 Responses to “Do I need a special contractor’s license to do drain cleaning?”

  1. Kimberly Beardsley Said:

    If you are charging for a plumbing service, you need to be a licensed plumber. Otherwise you could get fined.

  2. Khloe Beard Said:

    If it is just to help a friend out then no. But, if you are going to be in strangers homes and start a job over it then yes you will need a license.

  3. Cade Aitchison Said:

    Yes, check with your local contracting board.

  4. valerie_wilson33 Said:

    just drain cleaning only no ya don’t just be sure to list drain cleaning or this will be plumbing be safe check with your city codes most don’t require it

  5. Heaven Trowbridge Said:

    no you need a plumbers lic,

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