Septic Cleaning Safety Guidance

If you have a home septic tank or a commercial tank there are a number of septic cleaning rules to follow to protect you.

  • Keep children and other spectators away from the septic system when it is being cleaned or excavated.
  • Never enter the septic tank. The tank has a manhole for cleaning and inspection from the outside only. The tank contains very little oxygen and has high levels of hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon dioxide, and other life-threatening gases.
  • Always remember that the liquid and solid contents of the septic system are capable of causing infectious diseases. After working on any part of the septic system, always wash hands thoroughly before eating, drinking, or smoking. Change clothes before coming into contact with food or other people.
  • Never smoke near septic tank openings. Gases such as methane that may be present are potentially combustible.
  • Never use electrical lights, appliances, or tools in or close to the water or wet ground near the septic tank or drain field. This can result in explosion or electrical shock.
  • If there is a smell of sewer gases in your home, immediately call a plumber or other qualified person to identify the source and correct it.
  • Keep vehicles and other heavy equipment away, from the septic system. The tank and other components may collapse due to weakness from corrosion.

It is important to follow this septic cleaning advice as it will help protect your health and safety and the health and safety of your loved ones.

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