Sewer Cleanout: Clear Up Sewerage Escapes Promptly

If you are experiencing sewage backing up into your bathroom toilets, bath tubs, and showers, it is time to phone your plumber for some drain cleaning help. Decomposing matter in sewage is extremely harmful to health and has to be promptly sanitized with a sewer cleanout by clearing the blockage and disinfecting the area.

To start Drain Cleaning it would be prudent to clean the area with a cup of bleaching agent to five gallons of water before the plumber reaches your house. Make sure that young kids and elder family members stay away from the sewerage leakage, and put on long pants, gloves and boots. Sterilize your hands with soap and hot water after the cleanup. You can decrease the flow of water into your drain to reduce your sewage leakage problem while you are waiting for a repair.

It may be a blockage between the shower and toilet, or the waste line may be blocked. Whatever the cause, protecting you and your family from harmful waste needs to be your first concern.

Diarrhea, high temperatures, stomach pains, chills and vomiting are some of the common symptoms of being exposed to raw sewage. If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself, get medical treatment right away.

When Drain Cleaning you must also clean all items and surfaces that were touched by the sewerage, including children’s toys, by using use one cup of unscented household bleaching agent to every five Imperial gallons of water. Items that cannot be cleansed (such as mattresses, stuffed animals, baby dolls, and wooden cutting boards) and food that may have been tainted by the sewage should be thrown away.

If the sewerage leakage was around the shower, you might want to use a snake, part of a plumbers toolkit. For such drains and pipe joints in close proximity, a quarter-inch snake of 25 feet length will work fine. At this size it will be more easier for the tool to move all the way through the drainage and plumbing line. It is quite common to find out that while the shower trap is backed up the toilet in the same bathroom is not. That is likely to happen because the shower drain is at flooring level, whereas the toilet trap is located about six inches higher.

If you are unable to perform the sewer cleanout yourself and your drain cleaning is unsuccessful, you must call in professional plumbers. Plumbers will be able to find the choke and clear the back flow thoroughly as they have specialist tools and experience in this issue. It is better to let the expert handle the plumbing remedies unless you know exactly what you are doing. They also know the best approach to Drain Cleaning to leave your home in a clean status when they have left.

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