Smelly Washer When Doing Laundry?


When I do laundry, when the washer drains my bathroom sink spits and bathtub drain gurgles and there is a horrible rotten egg smell. I cut back on laundry soap and fab softener and the stench is still lingering. Have also tried the septic treatments and nothing has worked. Have tried to check the drain vents but doesn’t looked clogged. You can hear the gurgling outside also from the vents. What is going on with my draining system? Why do I have a smelly washer? HELP ME!

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  1. Nico ReesSaid:

    It sounds like an air vent is either missing or clogged. That gurgling usually indicates some siphoning action going on which is drawing water out of a gas trap. Hence you are getting sewer gas into the house.

  2. Corinne MarshallSaid:

    The rotten egg smell is hydrogen sulfide. Do you smell it at any other water source? (kitchen sink, etc.). If not, then the source is the hot water heater, it’s possible the anode rod requires replacement. If you do have the rotten egg smell at your other water locations, the only cure is to have a filtration system installed, which usually consists of 3 separate tanks installed at the exterior of the house, the tanks are a bleach injecting tank (usually 15 gal. – bleach removes hydrogen sulfide and red water iron), a 42 gallon mixing tank and a final filtration tank. This type of system is sold at Sears. If you only have the smell at the washer drain, try doing a weeks worth of laundry (do several loads) using ONLY cold water and see if the problem goes away (the smell…..the poor draining is another issue). If the cold water solves the problem, you have 2 choices: 1. use only cold water for clothes washing 2. Replace the HW heater. The poor draining is entirely a different issue. There is a blockage in this particular branch drain – have it professionally routed out by a reliable plumber or drain cleaning company. Obviously, if this is the only drain you have problems with, a blockage is the answer. On the other hand, if you are experiencing poor drainage throughout the house, have the septic tank checked, it may require pumping out.

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